About Me

I first started drinking tea at my aunt Lily’s in Paris. I was 9 years old. Each day after school, I would go to her apartment at Rue de Maubeuge and she would prepare a pot of Assam. She would pour the liquor in a cup and saucer and serve it with milk and sugar. We would chat and drink together while Chopin’s études for piano played in the background. This was our moment together, our ritual.


Thanks to Lily and her friends visiting from all over the world, I associated tea with culture and travels. Since then I developed a passion for culture, art and handcrafted tea. Life is a journey and I have been lucky to travel extensively throughout the world and experience many traditions of tea drinking and tea making and heard many stories over many cups of teas. I have also learned a lot about the wide variety of Teas and have a tremendous respect for the Camelia Sinensis, the tea leaf and for the artisans and tea masters who have maintained the art, the expertise and tradition of making tea. It’s an endless journey of learning, tasting, sharing and surrendering. Tea is not only about the beverage, it’s a lifestyle, a way of life.


My blog will take you on many paths as I keep exploring the traditions and the art of tea, experiencing its complexity and mystery. Every morning as I sip my tea, I am transported to a place of simplicity. This is where the spirit of tea shines through all cultures and traditions. Won’t you come with me?

Joyce Maio   Cultural Tea Consultant and Educator 

“If a man hasn’t any tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty”  Japanese Proverb-